Payroll Software for Small Business

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The platform automatically handles compliance work, ensuring that you will not have to work about regulations, laws, and forms. OnPay provides custom payroll reports so you can see all critical numbers and information that matters the most to your organization. It provides summaries of all key data such as earnings, PPP loans, payroll, and much more. It works well with other accounting platforms like Xero and Quickbooks to avoid double data entry. It only takes a few taps and clients to enter hours, review details, and approve each payment. Employees can access key payroll documents for full transparency.

Budget is an important consideration for every business purchase decision. Payroll providers typically send monthly invoices, but it’s important to look at the annual costs too. The payroll software should be able to handle these payouts in addition to off-cycle payments like expense reimbursements, bonuses, commissions, etc.

The 12 Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses of 2023

You get analytics to help you make informed decisions and see how your compares against benchmark data. Free payroll setup.Patriot Software staff will set up your employee and payroll history for free. Plus, there’s an employee portal where your staff can manage their employee information, download pay stubs, and more. If you want advanced HR features like employee training and performance feedback, you’ll need the Paychex Flex Enterprise plan. It’s one of the few providers that qualifies as a Human Capital Management tool, which helps your employees reach their potential. However, their platform is packed with enough HR functionality to be an all-in-one tool for most US-based small-sized businesses.

What is payroll software for small business?

Payroll software for small business is an essential tool for companies to manage their accounting and payroll processes. This software simplifies otherwise arduous processes, like managing employee salaries, wages, and deductions, and it integrates with existing HR or accounting systems.

There are several free payroll software solutions, which may be useful for businesses that are just getting started. Free payroll software can help you manage payroll taxes, wage garnishments and benefits deductions. However, when using a free service, you may have to sacrifice other valuable features, like dedicated customer support. We researched nearly two dozen of the best payroll services based first on the combination of features and pricing. At a minimum all payroll services needed to offer a way to automatically track time, calculate payroll and taxes, direct deposit your employee’s pay, and provide end-of-year tax documents.

Wave Payroll is the cheapest payroll + accounting software solution

Deel uses major payment providers like Wise, PayPal, Payoneer, and Revolut to offer flexible withdrawal options and reduce unnecessary international transfer fees. So if you have four employees and want both HR and time and attendance tracking, you’ll add $28 to your monthly base price. In other words, the add-ons up Patriot’s price by quite a bit without adding as many features as Gusto, which includes more features than Patriot in its base pricing. Does your business need thorough HR assistance without full-on HR outsourcing? Paychex Flex combines cloud-based payroll management and human resources software for small and midsize businesses that want thorough, affordable HR management.

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For agricultural companies, OnPay handles Form 943 filings and processes payments and taxes for workers on H-2A visas. Paychex offers three packages that start at $39 per month. The most basic plan includes payroll processing and tax preparation services, while the more advanced plans come with garnishment payment and onboarding services. OnPay is a user-friendly payroll solution that caters to small businesses and startups. You can pay employees via direct deposit or paper check. Best of all, the software allows you to run payroll an unlimited number of times, which is helpful for businesses that run payroll weekly or routinely pay contractors for projects.

SurePayroll — Good for: Running payroll from your mobile phone

Your time and attendance, accounting, and human resources software may all interface with an all-in-one payroll software to enhance record-keeping and minimize the possibility of mistakes. This payroll software calculates salaries, subtracts deductions, and creates a direct deposit file. The procedure is automated for simplicity of use when you utilize payroll processing software without removing your flexibility to change salaries or deductions to fit specific circumstances. It comes with a fully integrated payroll software that’s easy to use even for non-accountants.

  • Most payroll software offers HR as an add-on, with Namely, it is an HR software too, so you get full HR management functions on top of payroll software.
  • Several users said that not being able to fully customize some of its features, such as creating special vacation accrual rules, is one of the things they like least about Paycor.
  • Keeps it simple, offering a wide range of features encompassing payroll, HR and benefits for one base rate — and the first month is free.
  • Staying compliant with government regulations can be tricky.
  • After all, it is often a core part of accounting systems, human resource management suites, and similar platforms.
  • Companies, especially large enterprises, have numerous choices when it comes to payroll software.

Small businesses need reliable payroll software to save time and money. Most providers calculate wages, offer direct deposit, and pay taxes. However, you should consider your business needs and budget limitations. Small businesses can benefit from features such as automated tax payments, year-end report filing, and unlimited payroll runs.

We will only accept applications from small business owners using a commercial/business bank account for their payroll. You may run a payroll whenever you need to in the payroll software. All of the tax returns Patriot has filed for you in a neat little package. You can download forms and see when we filed them on your behalf. View time off balances for vacation, sick, or personal time.


That can be observed in the automation capabilities they provide. You’re probably familiar with QuickBooks already, but this accounting software also includes an easy auto-pay feature. Perhaps the biggest benefit of using this platform is that it is designed to run automatically, so theoretically, you only need to set up your payroll once. The program will handle taxation, payments, and other issues without manual input. As your business grows, you’ll be able to manage an increasing number of employees.

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about payroll software and services. After you’ve weighed the pros and cons of each provider, you can identify your top options and begin the sign-up process with your most preferred vendor. See if you can negotiate the price, and always ask if any discounts are available.