Alessandro Panunzi

Alessandro Panunzi, PhD in Linguistics, is currently associate professor at the University of Florence, where he teaches General Linguistics and Corpus linguistics. At the same university, he is member of the LABLITA (Italian Linguistic Laboratory) Research Unit and of the Philology, Italian literature and Linguistics Ph.D. Programme Board. He also teaches General Linguistics at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Bolzano campus), and he was visiting professor at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) in Belo Horizonte. He has been Principal Investigator of the project MODELACT (MIUR Programme Futuro in Ricerca 2012).
His research interests range over corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, lexical semantics, spoken language analysis, pragmatics. The main cores of his research are: (a) the study of semantics properties of the verbal lexicon starting from corpus analysis; (b) the study of prosodic and pragmatic phenomena in spontaneous spoken corpora.