Antivirus Performance Comparison

Viruses can do anything from taking the space on your hard disk to accessing your personal information and draining your CPU. Fortunately, there are numerous anti-virus software available to help protect your devices from these types of problems. The most important thing to do is select one that will have a minimal impact on the performance of your system. Each of our antivirus programs has been tested against this. The results below are determined by the amount of time it takes each program to perform an operation. For instance, Kaspersky Security Cloud Free had a background impact of 6percent when performing an entire scan. ESET had a slightly higher impact of 12%.

Germany-based Avira is well-established in our tests and consistently scores over 90% in all three categories: Protection, Performance and Usability (False Positives). The UI has a variety of features as well as a smart “firewall” as well as a variety of privacy tools. Avira subscriptions are billed monthly rather than for a set 1-3 year period. This makes it simpler to cancel the subscription or make changes at anytime.

A relatively new name that we have tested, Essentware – which was previously known as PCKeeper – uses the Avira engine in its core and generally scores quite well across the all the tests. Its interface is simple to use and its performance was decent this month, though some stability issues – mostly related to scan jobs not being able to connect – affected the score. The detection was satisfactory and a flawless run of the certification sets resulted in VB100.