Short tutorial

A concise tutorial to defend yourself from advertising and political propaganda, and understand how they convince us of anything. Prof. Lombardi Vallauri explains how implicit communication works. Images and examples from the speeches of politicians and from the advertisements of today and the past.

In addition to the 23-minute video there is also the most exhaustive one, of an hour: you can find it in the menu.

Outline & Script: Edoardo Lombardi Vallauri

Director: Andrea Bianchi

Camera operator: Gilberto Rosso

Editing: Alessia Bianchi

VFX: Andrea Bianchi

With the collaboration of: Laura Baranzini, Doriana Cimmino, Federica Cominetti, Claudia Coppola, Giorgia Mannaioli, Viviana Masia, Luigi Lombardi Vallauri, Debora Sciolla, Norma de Marco, Giulia Giunta, Irene Leonardi